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the historical memory of the company
is documented in the photos

The company has its historical roots in the twenties of last century, and its main activity was recovering steel from slag.
At that time the mechanical means were very simple, so most
of the job was executed thanks to a great number of workers equipped with shovels, big hammers etc.

The photos of the working sites of the twenties and thirties
(Cogne and Falck) show the great number of workers involved in the activity which today is carried out with few people and
modern and efficient machines.

After the second world war the steel industry changed, installing modern and more efficient plants with higher production capacities. Demolizioni Industriali was ready for those changes and went along with the steel plants, offering them more services with a higher level of quality and efficiency, solving many problems, always in tight contact with its customers.

  • Internal transport of scrap and products.
  • Cutting scrap.
  • Cleaning and crushing recycled steel.
  • Refractory maintenance of the furnace.
  • Various cleaning and sweeping activities in the department.
  • Handling scrap yards and transport with special and dedicated means.

From the nineties onwards the world became more sensible to pollution problems which drove Demolizioni Industriali to develop and erect special plants for the reuse of slag
(both EAF LF) giving it an high added value.