All our activities are performed in compliance with the ()*
over 80 years of experience
all our activities are carried out in
compliance with the European Health
and Safety regulations as for
the workers, the machineries and
the plants

Demolizioni Industriali srl, with its Headquarter in Milan
(via Visconti di Modrone 8/6), is involved in various activities
in Steelmaking Sector, having an experience of over 80 years.
Demolizioni Industriali has been working in various activities
of Steelmaking Sector for over 80 years…
Its core business is Services and Plants for slag
(EAF and LF) treatment.

Since the end of the 90s, as slag was declared waste according to European and national laws, the company entered in the ecological sector, concentrating its activity in Zero Waste projects, changing slag from waste into product, giving it an added value and saving costs.